we are nutty about your photos. feel free to send a cd anytime. please please please do not email photos. you can email a link, but most likely we wont remeber it. when it comes time for editing, we use whats in front of us, which is a giant pile of cds with hi-res photos ready for print.

scan your photos hi-res at 300 dpi, 5×7, jpg. burn a cd and mail it in. it will not be returned. and if we cant open it, we throw it in the trash, so make sure your files are legit. make sure they are clean. make sure you know what you are doing. and your photos may be epic, but there is no guarantee that we will use them.

heres a couple hints: our magazine is black and white, and blow our minds. also note that just because we may have run a couple photos of lets say a homeless person, that doesnt necessarily mean we want all your 1000 photos of homeless people, actually i would think it would mean the opposite. how about some photos of billionaires?

**more hints: there are 100’s of submissions. please have all your info written on the disc itself. name, phone number, email. those iphoto discs are the worst having to open too many folders. have all photos in 1 folder or no folder. again, there are many submissions, so if we dont contact you right away, please do not take it personally, because when it comes down to it i really do love you.

when is the next issue coming out? we dont know. when is the deadline for submissions? tommorrow.

when your stuff is ready to go, send it here:

PO BOX 420546
SF CA 94142